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Presentation is paramount to business success - no matter what industry you're in - a tidy operation will attract customers & investment.

Many plaza owners and managers maintain the attractiveness of their properties through regularly scheduled cleaning of sidewalks, storefronts, canopies, and facades. Accumulated dirt, gum, soda, and cigarette stains are removed using very hot water, prudent amounts of pressure, and detergents only as necessary. Bus stops, leaking trash barrels, sitting areas, and high pedestrian traffic areas are common targets for our services.
All surfaces on retail buildings might require simple aesthetic cleaning throughout the year: vinyl, clapboard, signage, aluminum window frames, and brick. We pride ourselves on our expert commercial property cleaning service. We promise competitive quotes for schools, retirement villages, hotels & motels, apartment blocks or factories. Talk to a professional at A Grime Fighter about our large range of maintenance cleaning and treatment options.

Don't let poor property management cost you money…

Multi-story buildings, Docks, Roofs, Interior Concrete Surfaces, Drives, and brick restoration.Take the hassle out of commercial property care. A Grime Fighter can tailor a plan to suit your specific needs.

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