A Grime Fighter offers low-pressure house washing services to residential & commercial customers who are concerned about the beauty and appearance of their home or business.

The purpose behind using low pressure instead of "powerwashing" your home is to safely remove the dirt, mold and other residue without damaging your home's exterior. By using safe detergents and low pressure rinsing techniques, your home can be safely cleaned without the risk that blasting the residue off can bring. I look forward to helping make your home shine again. Please browse our website for more information.

A Grime Fighters offers a low pressure cleaning system for washing of exterior walls, roofs, fences, paths, brickwork, driveways and outdoor furniture.
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Low-pressure House Washing
A Grime Fighters Low Pressure system is specialised for washing & cleaning of all exterior surfaces. Don't damage expensive surfaces around your home with potentially abrasive water blasting. Learn more . . .
A Grime Fighters low pressure cleaning system for commercial buildings, structures, paths, brickwork, driveways and floors.
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